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Eleanor Studley Hurd was an American swimmer and graduate of Smith College in Massachusetts who, in 1929, become the first woman to swim the Hellespont between Europe and Asia in Turkey. Studley swam the Hellespont in 80 minutes, beating Lucy Hancock of Vasser College and Eugenie Paterson of Smith College to become the first woman to complete it.


Known also as the Dardanelles, this strait is famous for its currents and strong winds. Except for a bit of sidestroke, Studley swam freestyle most all of the distance and broke the men's record of 2 hours. She was coached by Karl Michael, the Yale University coach, and was recognized by the International Swimming Hall of Fame and International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 2011.

International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame

Studley was recognized and honored at the 2012 2012 Global Open Water Swimming Conference and the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame induction ceremonies on the RMS Queen Mary on 22 September 2012 in Long Beach, California.

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