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Doug Stanley, Ridgeline Entertainment Founder and CEO
Doug Stanley is a two-time Emmy Award winner and a producer of "The Deadliest Catch".

Stanley is the CEO and founder Ridgeline Entertainment, LLC and is known for the Deadliest Catch (2005), Lobstermen: Jeopardy at Sea (2006), America's Toughest Jobs (2008) and Last American Cowboy (2010). He has also produced top shows for FOX, ABC, Animal Planet and Country Music Television. In addition to his acclaimed talents as a Producer and Director of Photography, Stanley is credited with designing innovative camera packages for use in the extreme environments featured in the shows “Ice Road Truckers," “Black Gold” and “Lobsterwars”.

Open Water Swimming

Stanley is also the producer and director of photography of The Great Lake Swim, Jamie Patrick's 90-mile solo attempt across Lake Michigan, and planned on making a documentary of The Longest Swim, Ben Lecomte's solo Stage swim attempt from Tokyo, Japan to San Francisco, California, using the SmackDab technology and platform.


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