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Dolphin Swim Holidays is a swimming holiday service provider that offers 2 choices of a Dolphin Swim Holiday:

[edit] Eco-Village Resort Holiday

The Eco-Village Resort Holiday includes 7 nights at the Eco-Village resort and three day trips to the Marine Park reserve to swim with the wild dolphins. If you want to spend more time at sea, sleep one night on a boat and visit a more remote reef of the Southern Red Sea you can add on an Overnight Safari for an additional cost as part of your seven night resort holiday (this is great if you cannot make the fixed dates for our longer Onboard Adventure Dolphin Safaris).

During the Eco-Village Resort Holiday we take day trips to swim with the wild dolphins at the Marine Park Reserve. This special area near our Eco-Village is home to a pod of approximately 60 spinner dolphins. We take the day cruise boat out to the Reserve which is a large offshore coral reef teeming with colourful marine life and a wonderful place for snorkelling. We can swim with the dolphins in specific areas, regulated by the Marine Park guidelines. This means the dolphins are protected and the numbers of visitors is restricted. You will be taken to the dolphins from the cruise boat by small Zodiac boat. You need to be of average fitness to get in the water from the zodiac and back in again. We return to the main boat for lunch, where there is plenty of space on the sun decks for relaxing.

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