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David Blanke is an American open water swimmer from Austin, Texas and a member of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming for completing the English Channel, Catalina Channel and Manhattan Island Marathon Swim. He has also completed the Chicago Skyline Swim on 4 November 2011 in 21 hours 8 minutes and completed his third Oceans Seven swim with a 4 hour 15 minute crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar on 20 June 2002 at the age of 42 years old. He also completed the Ederle Swim in 2007 in 6 hours 28 minutes and several Manhattan Island Marathon Swims: 2007 in 9:41:11, 2006 in 7:57:46, 2004 in 7:46:27, 2003 in 8:06:00, 2001 in 8:06:44, 2000 in 8:30:00 and 1999 in 7:10:55.

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