Colin's Hope Got2Swim Lake Austin 10K & 10 miler

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Colin's Hope Got2Swim Lake Austin 10K & 10 miler is a 2-race marathon swim in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. for solo swimmers and relays. It is the third event in the Colin's Hope Got2Swim open water swim series.

[edit] Course

Held in August, the 10 km starts at Lake Hills Community Park Beach Both. The 10-mile swim starts at Steiner Ranch Lake Club. Both finish at the 360/Pennybacker Bridge.

[edit] Escort

Each swimmer is required to have a kayak water guardian and relay teams must serve as the kayak water guardian for each other when not swimming. Kayak water guardians are required to wear a U.S Coast Guard approved life jacket at all times when in the boat.

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