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Christof Wünter Wandratsch is one of the world's fastest marathon swimmers of all time. He was inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 2004 as an Honour Swimmer and won the 450m endurance swim at the 2014 Winter Swimming Championships in Finland.


Solo Marathon Swimming Career

He set the world record in the English Channel in 2005 and currently holds the third fastest-ever time across the English Channel (7 hours 3 minutes). He also did a 7 hour, 20 minute English Channel crossing in 2003. He was a highly ranked professional marathon swimmer and holds the second fastest crossing for a solo Beltquerung swim in the Baltic Sea between Denmark and Germany across the Fehmarn Belt, and the second fastest crossing from Robben Island in Cape Town, South Africa.

In 2005, he swam around Manhattan Island in New York, across the Strait of Gibraltar on 15 June 2006 in 2 hours 57 minutes at the age of 44, and 25 km in Straußberg, Berlin, Germany. In 2006, he swam 63 km across the Bodensee in Germany.

He is also a member of the Total Immersion in the English Channel team.

Total Immersion in the English Channel

Wandratsch is a member of the Total Immersion in the English Channel relay team. The Total Immersion in the English Channel is an international 6-member relay team sponsored by Terry Laughlin of Total Immersion that will attempt a one-way crossing of the English Channel under the auspices of the Channel Swimming Association in the first week of August. Its members include Wandratsch, Kirsten Cameron, Steve West, Bernie Zeruhn, Andrew Chamberlain and David Warren.

Marathon Swimming Competitive Career

He won the 1991 and 1995 European 25 km Championships and won several International Marathon Swimming Association and the FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix events, including the 32 km (20-mile) Maratona del Golfo Capri-Napoli in Italy, the 1993 Maratón Acuática Internacional Santa Fe - Coronda, a 57 km (35-mile) FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix race held in the Coronda River in Argentina, the 10 km races in Hong Kong, Dubai and the Red Sea.

Fastest English Channel Crossings in History

1. 6:55 by Trent Grimsey, Australia, E-F in September 2012
2. 6:57 by Petar Stoychev, Bulgaria, E-F in August 2007
3. 7:03 by Christof Wandratsch, Germany, E-F in August 2005
4. 7:05 by Yuri Kudinov, Russia, E-F in August 2007
5. 7:16 by Vitek Rostislav, Czech Republic, E-F in August 2009
6. 7:17 by Chad Hundeby, USA, E-F in September 1994
7. 7:20 by Christof Wandratsch, Germany, E-F in August 2003
8. 7:21 by Petar Stoychev, Bulgaria, E-F in August 2006
9. 7:22 by David Meca, Spain, E-F in August 2005
10. 7:25 by Yvetta Hlavacova, Czech Republic, E-F in August 2006
11. 7:40 by Penny Lee Dean, USA, E-F in July 1978

Solo Beltquerung

1. Karl-Heinz Rauert on 25.07.1939
2. María Inés Mato on 28.07.1998
3. María Inés Mato on 28.07.1999
4. Claudio Plit on 29.08.2000
5. Kirsten Seidel on 17.08.2003
6. Margit Bohnhoff on 18.08.2005
7. Christof Wandratsch on 07.09.2005
8. Arnold Wiegand on 5.08.2006
9. Heike Braun on 18.08.2006
10. Christian Hartmann-Herrmann on 5.08.2009
11. Toni Pavici on 6.08.2010
12. Sergio Salomone on 9.08.2010
13. Yasutaka Kurokawa on 16.08.2010
14. Griseldis Cormann on 19.07.2011
15. Attila Manyoki on 5.08.2011
16. Jürgen Fussi on 13.08.2011

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