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Chris Derks from Irving, Texas is a world record holder at the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim with a 7 hour 41 minutes and a former American professional marathon swimmer. He won the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim in 1999 (8 hours 23 minutes), 2000 (8 hours 30 minutes), 2001 (9 hours 4 minutes) and 2002 (7 hours 41 minutes) and served as a trainer at the 2007 Tampa Bay Marathon Swim. He also has the fastest crossing at the Lake Travis Solo Swim in Austin, Texas.

He competed in 8 USA Swimming National 25 km Open Water Swimming Championships, Traversée Internationale du lac St-Jean, and the Around Atlantic City professional marathon. He won the 2004 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 2004 in 7 hours 16 minutes and finished third at the 1998 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim in 7 hours 24 minutes. He also successfully crossed the English Channel in 2001.

English Channel Swim

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