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The Chicago Skyline Swim was a 23.5-mile swim in Lake Michigan in July 2008 by David Blanke of Austin, Texas (age 48), Chris Layton of Chicago, Illinois (age 49) and Marcia Cleveland of Winnetka, Illinois (age 44), a swim from one end of the city of Chicago to the other end, swimming from north to south.

Their support crew consisted of two motorized escort boats, two highly experienced kayakers, and three experienced crew volunteers on each boat. Each escort boat was fully equipped with Coast Guard Radios, GPS, and all required emergency equipment.

The swim took 12 hours, 49 minutes. Marcia Cleveland had these comments afterwards. "Man-o-man, I'm still alive. I'm tired, my left shoulder is aching, I have some major suit rubs, which I've covered with balmex, but I'm very very happy that it worked out so well and we were successful."

Kevin Murphy pioneered a similar swim of 48.2 km (30 miles) from Evanston, Illinois to Hammond, Indiana in 23 hours 31 minutes.

[edit] Crew

Mark Green, Rob & Max Carstens, Joe Gray, Cooky Donaldson, Dan & Paul, Richard Clifford, Tom Heineman, Heidi Kafka, Liz Kooy, Chip Gray, Jacob Karaca, Peggy Heineman, Laura Slevin Moriarity, Kaari Reierson, Susan, Kyle, & Kelly Bertram, Kris Rutford, Julia Green, Leslie Blanke, and Robert Zeitner.

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