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Hanalei Bay Swim Challenge. a charity swim, on Kauai in Hawaii
Molokini volcanic crater island with Maui in the background was the site of the Wailea Molokini Challenge, a charity swim for Best Buddies Hawaii headlined by Karen Gaffney
Poster for the Japan to Taiwan Ocean Swim Challenge, a charity swim
SEALs for Sunshine, a charity swim of 13 miles across Sebago Lake in Maine by 4 Navy SEALs on behalf of Camp Sunshine
noun - Charity swim is an open water swimming event, relay, stage swim or race with the primary goal of raising money, media attention and awareness for a cause, individual or non-profit organization, especially among individuals and non-traditional donors.

The Japan to Taiwan Ocean Swim Challenge raised nearly $100,000 for the victims of the tsunami with their relay swim.


[edit] Synonym

goodwill swim

[edit] (1) military

[edit] (2) environmental or ecological

[edit] (3) medical

[edit] (4) social causes

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