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Channel swimming in the Cayman Islands
A channel swimmer swimmer escorted by a pace swimmer and John Pittman and support crew aboard the Outrider in the Catalina Channel
England on left, France on right, English Channel in middle
noun - Channel swimming is swimming in or across a broad Strait connecting two areas of sea, between two countries, or across a river or canal or any open body of water between land masses or islands. Channel swimming is generally considered to be marathon swimming but swims between land masses or islands less than 10 km (6.2 mi) are also considered to be channel swimming.


[edit] Synonyms

Long distance swimming, Ultra long distance swimming, Open water swimming, Ultra marathon swimming, Marathon swimming

[edit] Channel Swimming

Bruckner Chase is shown below doing some channel swimming between two islands in Amerika Samoa.

[edit] Video of North Channel Swim

[edit] Driven, A Documentary of Marathon Swimming

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