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Chalkwell Redcaps before a winter swim
Chalkwell Redcaps is an open water (Sea, Rivers, Lakes) social swimming group located at Chalkwell Beach, Westcliff on Sea in Essex, UK. The group is aimed at swimmers who wish to be involved in organised open water swims. The group is for people who wish to improve their open water swimming or simply share the experience of open water swimming with other like-minded people. The club accepts people of any age, experience, or ability.

All swimmers must be solely responsible for making their own assessment as to the risks involved in any particular swim. The decision to participate in any swim must be taken individually, and swimmers must not rely (in whole or in part) on views or information provided by Chalkwell Redcaps and/or its members. The club is affiliated to the British Triathlon Federation and was established by Iain Keenan.

Due to strict safety rules, it has a restriction on membership numbers.

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