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noun - The Certificate of Merit is a recognition of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, established in 1994, to recognize and honor swimmers and major contributors to Open Water/Marathon Swimming.

Because a swimmer must be retired from active participation before being considered for inclusion in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, the swimmer may have to wait years before they are recognized. The committee can award a Certificate of Merit to any swimmer winning an international marathon event or who has medalled in the FINA 25-kilometer World Championships.

Swimmers are also considered for major solo efforts, except when the swim was attempted as part of another sanctioning body having authority in the swim (e.g., English Channel or Catalina Channel). The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Selection Committee will consider issuing a Certificate of Merit if that body so requests. The Selection Committee will also consider Certificates of Merit for any individual or group making major contributions to the sport.

No specific criteria is used in the selection process and each case is considered on an individual basis.

Only one certificate is issued to an individual or group, and they can be considered at a later date for inclusion in the IMSHOF as an honoree, with the exception of an anniversary certificate as was the case in the Lac St Jean 50th Annual Race.

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