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Brian Suddeth swimming butterfly in the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim 1-mile event 2011.
S. Brian Suddeth swimming the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim 1-Mile event in butterfly in 2011. Photo by Margaret Suddeth
Completion of Mile Swim BSA in Butterfly stroke at Rodney Scout Reservation in Northeast, MD in 2010. Open Water swim in Chesapeake Bay.
Brian Suddeth on completion of the 4.4 mile Great Chesapeake Bay Swim in mixed strokes 2012.
Completing the BSA Mile Swim Challenge in 2007.

S. Brian Suddeth is an American open water swimmer who specializes in butterfly. He is also a Total Immersion stylist and computer security specialist from Bowie, Maryland. Brian was the first person to ever complete the one mile swim in the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim in butterfly, completing the swim in 42:46 (shown below) and repeated the achievement in 2013 with a time of 43:00. (Suddeth is to the right at the beginning of the 2011 GCBS video where they show the start of the 1-mile swim event). He started swimming lessons in 2006 at age 45 at the Sport Fit fitness center in Bowie, Maryland and first completed an open water mile butterfly at Rodney Scout Reservation in 2010. He has completed several other open water events including the 4.4 mile Great Chesapeake Bay Swim in 2012 where Craig Dietz also competed, all of them non-wetsuit. His goal is to move into much longer open water butterfly swims. He has made friends with other distance swimmers, including Dan Projansky, Vicki Keith, Julie Bradshaw, Penny Palfrey, and Steven Steven Munatones, and hopes to one day swim with each of them.


Open Water Swimming

10/23/2006 Started beginners swim class at age 45.

08/05/2007 Mile Swim BSA award.

11/06/2007 Started Total Immersion freestyle training.

02/15/2009 First time swimming 1-mile in continuous butterfly stroke.

08/05/2009 Double Mile Swim BSA .

11/15/2009 First 10K pool swim in Freestyle.

03/07/2010 First 5K pool swim in butterfly stroke.

08/06/2010 Mile Swim BSA - Openwater butterfly (a first at this camp open since 1923), Rodney Scout Reservation, North East, MD.

06/12/2011 Great Chesapeake Bay Swim - One Mile Bay Challenge - First Butterfly Crossing (#1300 All butterfly - non-wetsuit) 42:46. Current record in this stroke & event.

08/07/2011 First 1000 swimming miles logged.

03/25/2012 MD LMSC Championships - competed in 100 & 200 Fly and 500 Free.

05/13/2012 Centennial Lake, Ellicot City, MD 1-Mile Swim (#69 - first place male 50-54 non-wetsuit) 33:04.

05/27/2012 25th Anniversary Jim McDonnell 5K Lake Swim, Reston, VA (#356 no wetsuit) 1:58:15.

06/10/2012 Great Chesapeake Bay Swim 4.4 mile with about 1-mile in butterfly (#302 - 606th out of 640 overall swimmers / 135 out of 140 - non-wetsuit) 3:11:47.

06/09/2013 Great Chesapeake Bay Swim - One Mile Bay Challenge - Second butterfly swim (#1531 Wave 4 - 398/410 overall swimmers - non-wetsuit) 43:00 (Didn't break my record! Rats!)

09/01/2013 Joined Arundle Breakfast Club - U.S. Masters

09/08/2013 BREAKOWT Seminar w/ Michael Phelps Swimming

10/24/2013 Joined the Open Water Swim Club

2014 Practicing to be a guide for the first blind swimmer in Great Chesapeake Bay Swim - One Mile Bay Challenge

External links CDifferent - Blind Athlete and sighted guide connection]

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