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Brenton Williams during his 17 K butterfly swim. Photo: Clive Wright
Brenton Williams doing butterfly near Supertubes at Jeffreys Bay. Photo by RRadPhotography
Brenton Williams is an open water swimmer and open water swimming race director and visionary. He organizes the Steers Marina Mile, the Kouga Express Eastern Province Open Water Swimming Series, the Jeffreys Bay Swim Challenge held along Supertubes in Jeffreys Bay, and the JBay Cold Water Swim Classic in Marina Martinique in South Africa.

Williams was also a member of the team that set a new world record of 350 km for a continual open water swimming relay at the Marina Martinique in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa, together with Ralph West, JC van Wyk, Greg Tucker, Russell Tucker, and Sanmarie Woithe.

He finished fifth in the 8 km Deep Blue Invitational Swim in October 2012 and completed the Shell Festival Sea Swim in Boneyards in September 2012 despite swimming all butterfly. He also became the first person in the world to complete the 11.5 km crossing between 3 Anchor Bay and Robben Island swimming butterfly on 3 December 2012 in 12ºC (53.6ºF) water, ratified by the Cape Long Distance Swimming Association.

Butterfly Swims

He also set the South African record for the longest non-stop butterfly swim in an open body of water with a 17 km marathon swim in 6 hours 20 minutes in Marina Martinique in Jeffreys Bay on 31 December 2012.

Brenton has also completed the following unprecedented butterfly open water swims:

2012 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year Nomination

Williams' 8 km of butterfly in the Deep Blue Invitational Swim was nominated for the 2012 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year award. His World Open Water Swimming Association nomination reads,

Cold, rough, and windy. Brenton Williams smiles at the thought. In a country that breeds hardened open water swimmers who redefine grit and backbone in the open water, Williams antes up one more challenge among his South African brethren. South Africa’s toughest extreme swimmers gathered at a tough 8 km swim at the Deep Blue Invitational Swim. But he took a hard look at the cold water, stared down the wind-whipped turgid seas, and threw it a butterfly curve ball: the whole way without a break in his stroke. In water that dropped to 10.5°C, Williams kept his double-armed stroke going, breathing into the aggressively nasty Atlantic Ocean. Like bullets bouncing off the chest of a superhero, neither waves nor cold slowed down the undulating Williams. For his 3 hour 40 minute gut-wrenching butterfly in water that dipped to 10.5°C, for his focus on maintaining his stroke in seas swollen with haphazard turbulence, Brenton Williams’ Deep Blue butterfly is a worthy nominee for the 2012 WOWSA Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.

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