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George Park swimming with a Great White Shark in a professional marathon swim from the mainland of the state of Rhode Island to Block Island
Block Island is part of the U.S. state of Rhode Island and is located in the Atlantic Ocean approximately 13 miles (21 km) south of the coast of Rhode Island, 14 miles (23 km) east of Montauk Point on Long Island, and is separated from the Rhode Island mainland by Block Island Sound.

As of the 2010 census the population of 1,051 lived on the island. The Nature Conservancy added Block Island to its list of "The Last Great Places." The list consists of twelve sites in the Western Hemisphere. The island is a popular summer tourist destination and is known for its bicycling, hiking, sailing, fishing, and beaches, and site of a professional marathon swim in the 1960's.

It is host to the BlueMind Summit, organized by Wallace J. Nichols.

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