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Big Chill Swim in Windermere information
The Big Chill Swim is an extreme swimming event in Windermere, England organized by Colin Hill of Chillswim. The event in the Lake District of England was held on 2 February 2013 in water temperature of 4.6ºC (40ºF) where extreme swimmers took part in the 30m breaststroke event, 60m freestyle event, 4 x 30m team relay and 450m endurance swim.


30m penguin dip (£12): Ideal for novice winter swimmers, a non timed, no pressure swim - any style acceptable! One width of the marina.
30m breaststroke (£15): Competitive head up breaststroke race, all types of hats welcome! Races will be one width of the marina and held in age group divisions.
60m freestyle (£15): Competitive freestyle race. Races will be two widths of the marina and held in age group divisions. No tumble turns allowed.
4 x 30m relay (£50): A competitive yet fun team event, any swim style, mixed teams only (one person of opposite gender). Each participant will swim one width of the marina for their team.
450m endurance swim (£20): For experienced cold water swimmers only. A huge endurance challenge! Only touch turning allowed for 15 widths of the marina. Participants must provide summary of cold water training and experience, by email to to accompany their entry. Minimum requirement is to swim 1 km in water less than 6°C before the race, including witness current email/phone number contact details. This endurance swim race has limited entries. Chillswim reserve the right to refuse entry to swimmers who do not have sufficient experience (please don't be offended it is for the safety of the event).

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