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Former logo of the International Relay Swim Across The Bering Strait, now known as the Bering Strait Swim
The Bering Strait Swim, formerly known as the International Relay Swim Across The Bering Strait, is an unprecedented relay swim across the Bering Strait from Cape Dezhnev in Chukotka, Russia, to Cape Prince of Wales in the state of Alaska, USA (via Big Diomede and Little Diomede Islands).

The water temperature is estimated to range between 4-8°C. There will be over 40 swimmers from several countries including Russia, Ireland, South Africa, Poland, Latvia, Canada, the UK and the USA. Each swimmer will swim for 20 minutes at a time with an estimated 10-hour break between each swim. The distance of the crossing is reportedly 53 miles (86 km). The team's estimated crossing time is 30 hours.

Each swimmer could swim up to 6 times. All the swimmers are experienced cold water swimmers and have prepared well for the August 2013 start date.



Admission is determined by the athletes based on the following criteria:

1. Hardening experience - at least 5 years
2. Personal achievements in sports
3. Distance swims in the icy water - at least 800 meters
4. The speed of movement in cold water - not less than 2.5-3 km per hour
5. Psychological stress by swimming for 3-4 steps per day, with a stay in cold water for 15-20 minutes
6. Having a sports doctor tolerance

Relay Swims from 2013 Attempt

1. Yuri Tsiganchuk, Blagoveshchensk, Russia
2. Yuri Myagkikh, Russia
3. Vladimir Chegorin, Russia
4. Maria Chizhova, Novosibirsk, Russia
5. Elena Guseva, Russia
6. Kieron Palframan, Cape Town, South Africa
7. Ram Barkai, Cape Town, South Africa
8. Jack Bright, UK
9. Vladimir Litvinov, Blagoveshchensk, Russia
10. Oksana Veklich, Blagoveshchensk, Russia
11. Aleksandr Jakovlev, Jelgava, Latvia
12. Matías Ola, Buenos Aires /Tucuman Argentina
13. Henri Kaarma, Tallinn, Estonia
14. Toomas Haggi, Tallinn, Estonia
15. Nuala Moore, Ireland
16. Anne Marie Ward, Donegal, Ireland
17. Claudia Rose, San Diego, USA
18. Toks Viviers, Cape Town, South Africa
19. Melissa O’Reilly (‘Mo’), Lambertville, New Jersey, USA
20. Ryan Stramrood, Cape Town, South Africa
21. Scott Lautman, Seattle, Washington, USA
22. Cristian Vergara, Santiago, Chile
23. Lelané Rossouw-Bancroft, Newark, Delaware, USA
24. Rafał Ziobro, Krakow, Poland
25. Andrew Chin, Cape Town, South Africa
26. Jackie Cobell, Tunbridge Wells, UK
27. Paul Duffield, West Kelowna, BC, Canada

Proposed Relay Members from 2012 Attempt

1. Dmitri Belyaev from Russian Federation, Moscow
2. Alexander Brylin from Russia, Blagoveshchensk
3. Victoria Brylin from Russia, Blagoveshchensk
4. Daniel Brylin from Russia, Blagoveshchensk
5. Wang Ying from PRC, Hebei Province, Qinhuangdao
6. Velichko Igor V. from Russia, Khabarovsk
7. Vladimir Ganin from Russia, Blagoveshchensk
8. Godlevsky Victor from Russia, Kamchatka
9. Grishchenko Denis from Russia
10. Guseva Elena from Russia, Perm, Berezniki
11. Jack Bright from the United Kingdom
12. Zhao Rui Ping from PRC, Beijing
13. Yermilov Nina from Russia, Krasnogorsk
14. Efimov Roman from Russia
15. Zverev Stanislav
16. Koshelenko Paul
17. Anatoly Lebedev from Russia, Khabarovsk
18. Irina Makarova from Russia, Blagoveshchensk
19. Victor E. Maksimihin from Russia
20. Andrei Mikhalev from Russia, Blagoveshchensk
21. Michelle L. Macy from United States, Oregon
22. Muzhetsky Victor from Russia
23. Oleg Dokuchaev from Russia, Blagoveshchensk
24. Oscar G. Caballero Vaca from La Paz Bolivia
25. Parkhomenko, George from Russia, Moscow
26. Petshak Leonardovich Nicholas
27. Tatyana Pilipenko
28. Sergei Popov from Russia, Blagoveshchensk
29. Sinatulin Vladimir Arifulovich
30. Fatyanova Natalie
31. Jiang Liang Jie from PRC, Hebei Province, Shiyan city
32. Qu Chun I from Peoples Republic of China, Heilongjiang Province
33. Chegorin Vladimir from Russia, Blagoveshchensk
34. Daria Chervonenko
35. Chen Lung from PRC, Hebei Province, Qinhuangdao
36. Chernyshev Valeriy
37. Cherkasov, Alexander
38. Yurkov Alexander from Russia, Blagoveshchensk
39. Bill Thomas from USA
40. Gela Gelashvili Vazhovich
41. Jidkova Irina Timirshaevna (expedition doctor)
42. Zhadik Andrei V from Russia, Moscow
43. Malakhovsky Mikhail
44. Semenov, Vyacheslav V.
45. Marat Galiev Muhamedovich


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