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Captain Bendt Lynge escorted Walter Poenisch on his Walter Poenisch's solo swim from Cuba-to-Florida in 1978. He was assisted by J. Marvin Mims, the President of the International Federation of Professional Ocean Swimmers and Divers who was the observer and authenticator, Glenn Drummond, the escort boat owner, and Fayette Poenisch.

[edit] Walter Poenisch

Walter Poenisch (1913 - 2000) was a former American open water swimmer who completed swim in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida and set three world records. He was called the World's Strongest Endurance Swimmer as he towed a 30-ton paddlewheel boat while swimming with his hands and feet shackled. He also completed a swim from Cuba to The Little Duck Key in Florida at the age of 68 on 11 July 1978. His solo swim covered 128.8 miles in 34 hours 15 minutes.

[edit] International Federation of Ocean Swimmers and Divers

Walter Poenisch followed the rules of the International Federation of Ocean Swimmers and Divers on his 1978 swim across the Straits of Florida:

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