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The Bear Lake Monster Swim is a 7-mile point-to-point open water swimming race across the width of Bear Lake (home of the Bear Lake Monster). It is co-organized by Gordon Gridley and Josh Green. The open water swim is open to solo swimmers and 2 to 6-person relay teams. All solo swimmers must provide their own support paddler. Relay teams are responsible for providing their own support craft, large enough to hold all team members. Swimmers will be shuttled with their paddlers from the Bear Lake Marina to Cisco Beach. The swim will start in the water at Cisco Beach and will finish just north of the Bear Lake Marina on the opposite side of the lake.

Swim in Bear Lake are documented by the Bear Lake Swimming Association. The association was formed to keep track of crossings and records and to provide information to other swimmers looking to complete the challenge.

Triple Crown of Utah Open Water Swimming

The 7-mile Bear Lake Monster Swim is part of the Triple Crown of Utah Open Water Swimming together with the 10-mile Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim and the 8-mile Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon Swim.

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