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Battle Back is a relay team consisting of members of the UK Combined Services including Team Captain Mike James, Clifford O'Farrell, Amanda Smith, Damian Manning, Catherine Cornwell, Rhodri Phillip and Marcus Rice. They completed the Round Jersey relay in 10 hours 35 minutes under the auspices of the Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club in 2012. They completed the Round Jersey relay together with the Better Late than Never (11 hours 19 minutes), United States Air Force Team (10 hours 31 minutes), Jersey Long Distance Swimming Club (10 hours 1 minutes), Royal Air Force Swimming Association (9 hours 26 minutes), and British Army Swimming Union (9 hours 30 minutes) to help raise £35000 for Holidays For Heroes - Jersey.

Team Battle Back used the Mothership 'Spirit of Variety' piloted by Captain Steve Manning with pilots of 'Sea Swimmer 2' including Captain Charlie Gravett and Cliff Golding and Kayaker Ross Angell.

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