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Auf der Erfolgswelle schwimmen: Was junge Menschen wissen müssen, um erfolgreich zu werden, or roughly translated Float on the Wave of Success: What Young People Need to Know For Success, is a book co-written by professional marathon swimmer Thomas Lurz and Yasmin M. Fargel and published in 2012 by GABAL.

[edit] Thomas Lurz

Thomas Lurz is a German open water swimmer, a two-time Olympic medalist in the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim, and the most successful professional marathon swimmer in world history.

[edit] Yasmin M. Fargel

Yasmin M. Fargel is an author who was written Strategisches Talentmanagement in China: Die besten Mitarbeiter finden und binden - Leitfaden für erfolgreiche in 2011, Mitarbeiter-Placement: Eine fit-orientierte Perspektive (Schriften zur Unternehmensentwickl together with Prof. Dr. Max J. Ringlstetter in 2006, and Auf der Erfolgswelle schwimmen with Thomas Lurz in 2012.

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