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noun - An assisted swim is a marathon swim that is sanctioned by an established governing body where a swimmer uses or benefits from any possible number of objects including swim streamers, stinger suits, two swim cap including bubble caps or neoprene caps, wetsuits, hand paddles, fins, flotation devices whether for safety, buoyancy, or visibility, tech suit or any non-confirming swimsuit or other object or swimwear that aids in propulsion, buoyancy or warmth or cooling, or protection of jellyfish, sharks, or marine life by means of shark cages, jellyfish mesh or shields, or Shark Shield or mechanical or electronic deterrents for marine life, or benefits from possible non-conforming actions including drafting of another swimmer, or off an escort boat or water vessel, purposeful touching of another individual or water vessel, or support or propulsion of a swimmer by another individual or object (e.g., float, buoy, boat, kayak, paddle board).

The determination and definition of an assisted swim is decided upon by each governing body responsible for the ratification of each swim.

The use of a stinger suit led to the governing body's determination that her swim was an assisted swim.


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