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Annemie Landmeters, first person to complete a False Bay Crossing in 1989
Annemie Landmeters is an open water swimmer from Belgium who was inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 1991 as an Honour Swimmer. She was the fastest female swimmer across the English Channel in 8 hours 39 minutes in 1988 and holds the record for the fastest crossing of 34 km across False Bay in Cape Town, South Africa set in 1989 in 9 hours 56 minutes.

She also holds the world record for the Rooi Els to Simonstown - Fastest Female Crossing, the Simonstown to Muizenberg - Fastest Crossing from Simonstown to Muizenberg and the Simonstown to Muizenberg - Fastest Double Crossing between Simonstown to Muizenberg as well as the Three Anchor Bay to Robben Island - Fastest Female Double Crossing from Three Anchor Bay to Robben Island and False Bay Crossing.

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