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Andreas Grainger Salas of Effect Sport with Ashley Twichell, Lexie Kelly and Zsofia Balazs at the 2012 King and Queen of the Sea competition in Rio de Janeiro
Andrea Grainger Salas of Effect Sport
Andrea Grainger Salas is a wonderfully warm-hearted individual originally from Ireland currently living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She has worked as an social media marketer and social worker in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

She is currently one of the coordinators for Effect Sport who produces the King and Queen of the Sea (Desafio Rei e Rainha do Mar). She also serves as the Brazilian-based coordinator for the United States Olympic Committee in its preparation for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

The 33-year-old has sparkling blue eyes with a unique hint of yellow and gray can light a room with a personality like a roaring volcano. Bilingual and bicultural, the striking beauty born in the heartland of Irish open water swimming has a DNA that is deeply embedded in the global community of endurance sports.

As a manager at Effect Sport, she recruits and manages elite athletes from around the world to participate in the greatest ocean events in Brazil. Armed with an engaging personality and smile that sparks the room like lightening at night, her hearty laugh and intellectual humor can quickly melt hearts and alleviate tensions in all kind of international situations and difficult circumstances.

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