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Eddie Spelling's Anastasia with an English Channel swimmer
Anastasia, a 42 foot Dutch Steel flybridge motorcruiser, is one of the escort boats owned and piloted by Eddie Spelling of One Charter for English Channel solo swimmers and relays. It is registered with the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation.

Eddie Spelling

Eddie Spelling is an English Channel pilot who navigates escort boat, Anastasia with a RYA/MCA Small Commercial Craft & Workboat registration: Class 2 (60 miles from safe haven). He has been escorting English Channel swimmers for over 10 years and is a registered pilot with the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation. His boat is a family-run boat, with his son-in-law Rob as a permanent crew member. His son Mike is hoping to become a pilot, and is currently training in the North Sea.

Successful Channel Swims

He has piloted the following successful solo swimmers and relays across the English Channel:

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