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Amy Hiland in 1958 covered in grease after swimming from Catalina Island to Pierpoint Landing in 24 hours 25 minutes by Channel Twenty-one. Photos credit by United Press Telephoto.
Amy Hiland is an American open water swimmer from Long Beach, California who completed a crossing of the Catalina Channel in 1955 in a time of 20 hours 7 minutes from Catalina Island to the California mainland and another crossing of the Catalina Channel in California, USA in 1958 in 24 hours 25 seconds to join the 24-hour club.

On 18 August 1956, Amy became the first woman to cross the Strait of Juan de Fuca, in 10 hours 51 minutes, after previous attempts that summer were aborted (Ottowa Citizen). Her crossing was completed simultaneously with Ben Laughren, making them the third and fourth people to ever complete the crossing - only one day after Cliff Lumsdon became the second.

Early successful crossings of the Strait of Juan de Fuca

1. Bert Thomas - 8 July 1955 (11 hours 10 minutes)
2. Cliff Lumsdon - 17 August 1956 (11 hours 35 minutes)
3. Amy Hiland - 18 August 1956 (10 hours 51 minutes)
4. Ben Laughren - 18 August 1956 (10 hours 17 minutes)
5. Marilyn Bell - 23 August 1956 (10 hours 38 minutes)
6. Vicki Keith - 10 August 1989 (14 hours butterfly)

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