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Adrian Sarchet walking in of the channel
Adrian Sarchet walking out of the channel
Adrian Sarchet is a 39-year-old open water swimmer and Advocate from Guernsey, one of the British Channel Islands. Sarchet completed 2 of the 7 channels in the Oceans Seven in a fund-raising effort for the Wessex Medical Research to raise money for cancer research: a one-way English Channel crossing on 10 August 2012 and a Catalina Channel crossing on 1 August 2013. He is also the only native of Guernsey to complete a 21.1 nautical mile circumnavigation around the island of Guernsey and the first Guernsey native to complete a Round Jersey Swim. He also finished third in the men's 1000m winter swim at the Chillswim in Lake Windermere in 2014.

[edit] Professional Career

Sarchet is qualified as a solicitor in September 2001. He was called as an Advocate of the Royal Court of Guernsey in January 2002.

[edit] Round Jersey swim

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