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Adrian McGreevy of Amphibia
Adrian McGreevy is the founder and sales mind behind Amphibia, a company with offices in Dublin, Belfast and London. He designed the Amphibia Sports Ring that was nominated for the 2013 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.

[edit] Amphibia

Amphibia designs, makes and sells sports gear and sports bags including the Dry-Mat, X-Bag, a large bag that can be used to comfortably carry open water swimming and triathlon gear in wet and dry sections, with a changing mat for outdoor conditions to make getting changed and competing in extreme sports that little bit easier, and Evo Bag for open water swimmers and triathlete's day-to-day, swim, gym and sports needs.

Amphibia is an evolutionary sports brand for triathlons, surfing, swimming, watersports and extreme sports.

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