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King of the Sea in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Start of the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim
Drafting and sighting
Finish at the Midmar Mile
Open Water Source (www.openwaterswimming.com) is based in Huntington Beach, California, USA and is a comprehensive, multi-lingual, authoritative online reference and community portal for the global open water swimming community.

Open Water Source develops unique content, databases, proprietary informational resources and entertaining mobile apps that educate, motivate and stimulate swimmers of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Its staff travels the world participating in, advising for, observing or reporting on open water swims and trends and open water swimmers, both amateur and professional, which enables them to present its content and vision.

Open Water Source manages the annual World Open Water Swimming Man of the Year award, World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year award, World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year award, Global Open Water Swimming Conference, Global Open Water Swimming Safety Conference, Lifetime Achievement Awards and the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame induction ceremonies


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Open Water Source Partnerships

The Open Water Source partners with collaborators, enthusiasts, correspondents, coaches, athletes, service providers and race directors on five continents who similarly share a deep passion and thirst for knowledge of the sport.

Open Water Source has provided advice and support to race directors and open water swimming organizations in Mexico, Canada, Fiji, Cayman Islands, Brazil, Costa Rica, Japan, Greece, South Africa, Serbia, Tunisia and throughout the United States from Hawaii to New York as well as the Special Olympics, U.S. Masters Swimming, USA Swimming, and the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

Open Water Source Products

Open Water Source offers the following products, services and content:

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We are defining and identifying the global open waterswimming market. While there are many blogs and athletewebsites out there, our market and readership is tightlyfocused – for athletes and coaches of all ages and abilitieswho enjoy open water swimming, including those triathleteswho wish to improve their swimming. Read more...

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