2013 Global Open Water Swimming Conference

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Sid Cassidy, Steven Munatones, Jorge Delgado, Shelley Taylor-Smith at the ceremonies at the United Nations, photo by Skip Storch

noun - The Global Open Water Swimming Conference is an annual celebration and global get-together of luminaries in the sport of open water swimming. The 2013 Conference will be held in Cork, Ireland and is hosted by Oswald Schmidt. The Conference includes the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame (IMSHOF) induction ceremonies and the World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) in additional to presentations, speeches and talks by experts in the field. The Conference will present speakers of sporting, scientific and environmental interest to open water swimmers. The Conference will include at least one lap of Sandycove Island on 13 October weather and safety permitting.





International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame

The IMSHOF is a global celebration of marathon swimming luminaries, heroes and heroines. The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame was established in 1961 and is an affiliate organization to the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Its mission is to recognize the marathon swimmers throughout the world and is governed by an international selection committee of marathon swimming experts.

The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, supported entirely by donations, recognizes not only the world’s most successful swimmers in competitive races, but also individuals for their solo swim exploits around the world. It is a non-profit educational sports hall of fame devoted to marathon swimming and is dedicated to promoting the athletes, coaches, administrators, pilots, reporters, volunteers, organizations, race directors and associations affiliated with marathon swimming. It immortalizes online the achievements and contributions of those who have distinguished themselves in this sport.

World Open Water Swimming Association

WOWSA or the World Open Water Swimming Association is an international organization dedicated to the organization, promotion and recognition of open water swimmers, open water swimming events, open water swimming records and marathon swimming records. It follows swimmers and swimming events in oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, dams, reservoirs, canals, channels, lagoons, fjords, estuaries, basins, lochs, coves, meres, firths, sounds, straits, bays and harbors on the seven continents.

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